War Against All Citizens

It seems that US government is out for non-U.S. citizens, too:

I read opinion article by Khaled El-Masri in LA Times, called "America kidnapped me."

I also found "Special report: Khaled El-Masri describes America 's secret offshore prison nework" dated Jan '05!

Here's a German citizen kidnapped by the US government (or their contractors/minions) to interrogate an innocent man in the name of fighting terrorism (or should that be just "raising terror?"). No one is immune from the U.S.

It's ironic how Japan was and still is up and arms over kidnapping done by N.Koreans to take Japanese children and young adults and take them to N.Korea to train Koreans the Japanese language (to send spies to Japan). And here the US government is doing the exact same thing but "to fight terror[ism]." Who's being the terrorist here? When innocent people are targeted, it doesn't matter what the group's name is (government, terrorists, mobsters, gangs), their actions are always wrong.

In fact, the worst terrors are done by the governments, Rhmer Rouge being the most visual one in the recent memory (thanks to the movie "The Killing Fields"). U.S. is not exempt: how many innocent people have died over the years thanks to military weapons (2 nukes are the most obvious but it doesn't stop there)?