saving the boys: disappearing act

A commenter @ Vox Popoli pointed out "Disappearing Act" and paints a picture I'm very familiar with since I have 2 boys who are 11 and 12. One is more kinesthetic learner: he learns better by moving around -- he would not fit in school at all!

I don't agree that college is the goal (and the bit about gaming is very misleading since a gamer like "fatal1ty" makes close to $900,000 per year): turning boys into productive men (earning a living to support his family) takes more than just getting good grades or "gaming" the system. I don't know the best way (which is why I explore manhood in my other blog) but as I look for ways to live my life in ways which would be an example for my sons, I hope that they have a clear picture of the kind of men I want them to become.