Innocent Man Killed Again: Sky marshals 1, Passengers 0

Why is it that cops love to kill men? (Esp. female cops?) As discussed at Vox Popoli "US Sky Marshals 1, Airline Passengers 0" and after watching NightLine program tonight, it hit me:
  1. A bomber runs out of the airplane (why not blow up in the cabin for maximum effect)?
  2. He gets shot in the boarding bridge (no eye witnesses)
  3. He was killed (definitely no eye witness: couldn't be left alive to give contradictory info -- you don't want to confuse the public)
  4. No passenger claims to have heard him say that he had a bomb.
  5. His stuff turns up no bomb.
Sounds to me yet another innocent killing like the Brazilian in London.

Update 12/8 2PM: Doing google news on "Jean Charles de Menezes Rigoberto Alpizar" (without the quotes) there is only one hit!

Update 12/8 4PM: My #4 is confirmed.