Language does not exist

I tried to explain my thoughts on why language is unmeasurable at Vox Popoli thread on "Christians are polytheists." I'll try to organize my thoughts and answer the objections raised as well.

Language as we know it is based on words. Without words, we won't be able to communicate (nor would I be writing this or any other blog entry). Words do not require hearing nor seeing ability: Helen Keller was blind and deaf and yet she gained words through kinesthetic teaching of words.

Words are not instantaneous. That is, with the ability to record words starting with writing and now with audio and video recordings, words can be not only preserved but also transmitted beyond one's audio or visual range. Words, once recorded, become timeless and geographically unrestricted. Even before the printing press, written words were copied and passed on beyond one locale. For example, the dead sea scrolls were essentially "written off" and dead to the world until it was (re)discovered in 1947.

Words are taught, not innate. Feral children do not have words (that is, they do not naturally have language). You may read about children who come up with new language (e.g., deaf children creating one in Nicaragua), but if you read the details they are always taught initially directly or indirectly by adults around them. No normal children raised among humans would be left in languageless isolation. And if and when they are abused in such a way, they are no different from feral children: languageless and end up struggling to learn words.

[I'll finish this off over the next few days, I hope]