Brain injuries turns engineer entreprenuer into an artist

"From tragedy, art" starts off with

A traumatic brain injury after a motorcycle crash eight years ago robbed Doug Woodward, co-founder of Pervasive Software Inc. in Austin, of the life he had known. He lost most of his ability to speak, read and write. His thinking is impaired, and the right side of his body is virtually paralyzed.

But he gained something he did not have that November day when a deer dashed in front of his motorcycle in Uvalde: a talent for painting.

I was amazed to see this being done on TV (discovery channel) about savants called "Fragments of Genius" and how artists ability can be stimulated by disrupting the magnetic or electrical signals in the brain. I googled for the scientists' names and found: "transcranial magnetic stimulation: savant for a day". It seems that brain injuries disrupt or change the brain signals to allow for the artistic side of us to be released. It'll be interesting to see if this disruption can be removed or change via mental training rather than physical changes via real injuries or machine induced (temporary) disruptions.