More minorities are home educating!

"More black families home schooling" is a good sign. Finding other Asians or Asian-Americans are even harder! Especially Japanese-Americans.

More and more Japanese are opening up to the idea of home education (even Japan has their problems with schooling) but Japanese-Americans are even rarer breed. That is, I don't know of any other Japanese-American families who do -- we know of several familes where the Japanese mothers home educate (we even know of a Japanese-Brazilian), but Japanese-American parent who is into home education I have yet personally get to know. I stand out even more since I insisted on home education before I got married (and made sure my potential bride [i.e., my dates] knew about it full well -- what a female repellent: most didn't want to stay at home let alone become an at home teacher). Now that I think about it, I actually know of only one Asian-American family who home educate.

Asians are raised to think that school = education and it is grilled so hard into you it's hard to become unbrain washed.... [My parents still think I'm crazy but that's for another posting.]