Effeminate Gaijin Men

I had a good time reading "I sound like what in Japanese? In Japan, women and men speak different versions of the language. How's a guy to learn the difference?"

I've met and have known few guys who did learn the girlie way to talk Japanese and got a kick out of it (I don't think I ever corrected anyone). Being a former Japanese citizen (until I was 20) and I was fluent in Japanese until middle school (and relearned it in Japan 89-92), I at least knew the diff between male and female language. The only weakness I had was when I was in Japan, I had to learn to call myself "watashi" in business setting or when getting acquainted with strangers. I had always thought that "watashi" was a girlie talk but learned quickly that it is the more formal way for men to talk about self.

That wasn't the only problem I had in (re)learning Japanese but most people knew me as Japanese American and were usually helpful in correcting me....

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