RFP: jury nullification t-shirt

As being discussed at Vox's blog, what's a good way to get out of jury duty? I've posted a comment, but it should be a post.

So, my Request For Proposal (RFP): jury nullification t-shirt. There are ways to make money from this since there's already one out there but not what I had in mind. Requirements are:
  1. Jury nullification statement that's short and sweet. Something like "Jury Nullification: A citizen's right to ban immoral laws."
  2. Must be eye-catching and visible to those who are color blind and away at least 100 feet. (I had to sit in the back row when I was in the jury pool).
  3. Must be printed in the top 25% of the shirt (so that those who sit behind you can still read it -- the first and last time I was on a jury pool, I was with 120+ potential jurors and sat on bench seats).
  4. Must be something I can wear on day-to-day basis (out on beach, pool, mall, restaurants) and not be too distracting. I don't want to be kicked out of stores, etc. for wearing it.
In return: I will buy one shirt (maybe 2) and will freely provide links to the shirt.

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