Adults Shouldn't Play with Children

"Leave those kids alone: The idea that adults should be playing with their kids is a modern invention -- and not necessarily a good one" How true.

I was drilled into my head that playing with my children was very important part of raising them. And so I did. But looking back, it isn't the best way to raise them. Adult world is different from children and it isn't good to blur that.

My oldest son is a teenager and my younger son will be one in few months. However, they see playing (computer games) as the most important way to spend their time rather than study or work. I haven't really thought through of what kind of children I would end up with.

As an unschooler, I have been more hands off with their education (although my wife wanted and have put in little more structure than that). Yet, life is more than just pursuing whatever is "interesting." With freedom comes responsibility not just for oneself but for others: God, family, extended family and church. I'll blog on this some more as I think through what it means for my family....

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