Misc: Market, Dodge Ram, et al.

It seems that the Stock Market isn't doing too well. I've decided to go almost 50% (from 12% of my net worth) short by placing buy orders for QID at tomorrow's stock open. So I'll be short via SH and QID.

Also, I have been working on our new truck, Dodge RAM 2500 QuadCab, 4x4 Diesel. If you need wiring diagrams, you can find it at Dodge / bodybuilder. Also, don't get a simple running boards since it's too short, in my opinion. (I bought Westin's lighted one and it turns out the best way to get the wire is from the dome light and run the wires down the center pillar and to the front [I did it to the passenger side, only because I miss-wired the first time and tried to use the glove lights (same color of wire as dome light) -- the wires going from the instrument panel looks like pain to get into so I went the easy way via the interior dome light]). If you have the money, get Amp Research Power Board.

I'll be on vacation a week from now so I may not blog much until September. We got some deer tags so we're looking forward to hunting in the fall. We will be catching some grunions, too.

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