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School started this week. Sort of. We've chosen to get into normal school curricula via A Beka. My older son has tried their DVD course the past few months and it seems to work well enough so we've ordered the whole set for this school year (9th grade). And our younger son will be taking 7th grade A Beka, too.

As much as I'm pro-unschooling, my wife isn't comfortable managing and keeping good records of mishmash of textbooks and curricula, especially if we are to give opportunities for our sons to get into college (still working on her that college is overrated and unnecessary). And going with a full curricula, gives her, at least, a peace of mind (keep in mind that she grew up in Japan and going to school was the only way to officially "learn" and she followed the script pretty well.]

And since I have a regular full time job, there is no way I can do that for her. I'm more serious about starting my own business but I'm still not willing to "cut the umbilical cord" from mothership corporation (health care insurance, steady pay, etc.). I have started to tinker with programming but no progress to report (I'll start blogging in dannytech once I have something).

As for the market, I'm now back in the black but no real change: 60% short and 40% cash.

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