More Misc: Market, Home Education, Dodge, etc.

It seems that Mr. Market had a fake out on Monday but continued the downward trend today. I've put in some more short orders (now DXD) to get my net worth 60% short (40% cash). The market may go up and down for the short term but with the various investment banks having credit problems and many hedge funds blowing up, along with imploding mortgage lenders, the trend for the economy is very negative and the asset bubble will deflate sooner or later. We may not be at the very top but we're very close in my opinion and matter of time when things start to unwind either bit by bit or via a market crash(es).

We're signing up with a local church to be associated with their home educational program here in Orange County so we'll see how that goes. My wife wants to sign up our sons to CBS for teens so we'll see how that goes too.

As for our Dodge RAM, my wife and I put in the window film for it, but we didn't do a good job. It's a bit ugly in the application but I'm willing to live with it. Oh well....

We'll be on vacation the next few weeks so don't expect much posting nor commenting!

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