Accidental Deaths

National Safety Council has a new report out: "Accidental Deaths Increasing at Alarming Rate Poisonings, Overdoses Seeing Greatest Gains: One Person Killed by an Accident Every Five Minutes"

Here's a sobering summary:
For people between 1 and 41 years of age, accidents are the leading cause of death in the nation. While accidents continue to be the 5th leading cause of death overall, exceeded only by heart disease, cancer, stroke and chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidental deaths are increasing at a greater rate than that of any of the top four causes of death.
Their charts for 2005 (preliminary) is good too:
  1. Motor-vehicle 45,800
  2. Poisoning 20,900
  3. Falls 17,700
  4. Choking 4,600
  5. Drowning 3,600
So, don't get in cars, don't put anything into your mouth and don't stand up....

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