Gen Y not ready to be slaves

I read "Gen Y often lacks desired job skills" and thought why shouldn't they keep their attitude and way of life? If more than one are "slackers" (from those of us who are older), then it seems that there are opportunities to serve other slackers and profit from it. Just as DJ's and musicians leeches off these Gen-Y, why not enable Gen-Y to profit from each other by meeting the needs of their peers (and others interested in their "culture"). Sounds like an opportunity to me and a chance to never be beholden to "the man."

Now, unfortunate fact of this world is that there are evil people who would prey upon Gen-Y and we are conditioned to think that mommy government suppose to protect them but it is us the parents who need to raise up children who can handle such attacks on their own. Isn't this the very nature of becoming an adult? At 18 they are legally on their own and just as we taught them to battle cars (in crossing the road), we need to get our children to battle the dangers of other adults (everything from financial to emotional and spiritual scammers).

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