War on Drugs: fighting back

Barry Cooper is an ex-cop promoting his DVD on how not to get busted for drugs. The article "Don't Go Bust: A turncoat narc offers tips on how to move your weed" By KEITH PLOCEK is a great intro to Barry.

I'm not a drug user, never have been and don't plan to be one but as a step towards civil disobedience, I'll go and order his DVD (by Sunday Feb 18th for the $10 bonus DVD deal). In fact, I don't even like alcohol, but I am addicted to caffeine (coffee). I've never smoked anything, tobacco or otherwise.

The article "Kathryn Johnston's Real Killer" points out the true evils of the drug war: police abuse and power trip by those in "authority." All to keep the drug prices up (and money to the drug dealers) -- as well as money flowing to the police force, national and local alike. Just as Prohibition failed rather quickly, drug war has been a failure for a long time. For some reason, the Drug War is on going with no real change ($50 billion a year by taxpayers and about the same amount of profit for the drug dealers).

What's worse is the extent that government employees will go to get their case through the system, no matter how wrong they are, and how innocent the accused are. Read "Duke and Durham: The Criminal Cover-up Continues" and see how the government workers commit crimes and aren't (and probably won't) be prosecuted while the innocents (Duke students) had their reputation ruined and their (parents' money) pockets emptied.

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