Empty Nesting: dry "run"

My son turned 14 this week and we gave him a cellphone [on our family plan at T-Mobile: one thing nice is that it is only $10 extra + tax to add his number].

This weekend, he and his younger brother are away from home with my sister skiing (with her friends). They've been to sleepovers at church and friends birthday parties, all within few minutes away from home. However, this is the first time they'll be away for more than one night: in fact for 2+ days. Getting his phone call just now at his destination (300 miles away) hits home how he (and his brother) are no longer near home and they are on their own [well, not really since my sister is with them]. Still, not being a short driving distance away from them is a different feeling (on business trips, I knew my wife was with them so, even though I missed my family, it wasn't the same as it is now).

It's certainly very quiet tonight and I guess it's a prelude to what things will be like in about 6 years from now (our youngest is 12)....

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