enemy weapon: google

"Googled by the Enemy" starts off with:
In January, British troops conducting raids on insurgents in Basra, Iraq, found printouts of aerial maps from Google Earth detailing the coordinates for British camps in the area. Though dated, the maps revealed the locations of buildings, tents, and other vulnerable areas of British forces. A week or so after the discovery, and after negotiations with the British government, Google (GOOG) reportedly replaced the geospatial pictures found by insurgents—taken in 2004—with images taken in 2002, prior to the invasion by coalition forces.

But the discovery of the maps underscores how insurgents appear to be a step ahead of us in utilizing our own technologies against our troops and allies.
Ain't that great? So technology can really help level the playing field between the "professionals" (military and the police) and "civilians" (aka "terrorists"). I doubt if the Founding Fathers had these kind of technologies in mind when they amended the U.S. Constitution with "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms."

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