Police: why they aren't worth the tax dollars

"Why Smart Cops Do Dumb Things" explores why police apparatus have become dumb and dumber. [That Boston scare over publicity stunt which didn't raise an alarm for 2 weeks (in other cities, presumably) and then the police overreacted.]

And on the other side, "Government Goons Murder Puppies! The drug war goes to the dogs." (Hat tip to Vox Day.) So they're too busy "fighting" victimless "crime" including killing "dangerous" puppies. Right.

Unfortunately, we, the people have become too dependent on the State to protect us and allow the State to do their deeds. As Arthur Silber points out in "America, Now Without the Revolution" it's as if we're back to King George [not to be confused with the current POTUS]. And Key Word has an appropriate post called "Worshipping God or Worshipping the Government."

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