Nightline: Carlos DeLuna murdered by the State

Last night, Nightline ran a story about Carlos DeLuna, which they didn't post on their web site. Based on what they presented, it sounds like the State murdered an innocent man:
  1. Victim (convenience store clerk) was stabbed and bleed a lot but they found no blood splatter on DeLuna
  2. There was no fingerprint of DeLuna at the store, even though the perp was in the process of buying a box of smokes
  3. The supposed perp was known by relatives and neighbors to carry the knife found at the crime scene
  4. This un-arrested perp bragged how someone else was taken down for his murder all the while trying to rape another woman and cut her deeply with a knife
  5. The only evidence police had was an eye witness who saw the perp in the parking lot (at night)
This perp apparently died in prison for some other crime.

Note: they will run the story at World News Tonight and 3 part series at Chicago Tribune. So I'll update this as I get more info.