"The Corporation" and the state

I watched the 40 minute version of "The Corporation," and it was funny to see how people think that the State will save us from the "big evil corps!" But keep in mind that Hitler was voted into power, so any democracy can turn evil, much worse than the corporations. For example, the problems today at Somalia or Darfur or Iraq were not caused by corps but the state. Democracy takes control away from the peoples and turns it over the few in power who in turn can use it against the people, as Hitler did. [All these secret phone monitoring, phone record keeping, tracking internet usage and detaining prisoners at Gitmo sounds like we maybe heading that way.]

Corporations can turn bad and unfortunately, just like unions, they are all state sanctioned entities. So to say corps are evil are missing the point: state and their underlings (both corps and unions) are bad and can turn evil. The less state and government and regulations we have, the better we will be. We don't need help from the government. We are adults, not children and we can all decide for our ownselves without help.