Teens vs the real world

"Tech creates a bubble for kids" talks about how children today can be cocooned by technology [music, computer game, internet, etc.] and not get along with adults. But here's a laugh:
If you grow up in a culture that says it's all about you, it's hard to think it isn't.
My sons can be absorbed by tech: we allow them to use portable CD player [for music and audiobooks] and play computer games. And we give them a lot of freedom with their time ("self-directed studies") and very little stress [my oldest son still practices his piano whenever he feels like it, few minutes at a time]. However, we do not raise them with a sense of entitlement: their TV and computer game time are limited, they have to do chores, they get no allowance [only extra work earns them money], and they get taxed on the little that they make. And we let them know that we expect them to be on their own at 18 -- not that we won't welcome them at home but the expectation is that they won't be able to hang around home and not do anything.