Police officers are not to be trusted, reason #217

In my search to learn about firearms, safety and facts, I ran across this case of yet another innocent defendants with trumped up charges and false confessions:

Haunting questions: The Stephanie Crowe Murder Case (Jan '98, San Diego)

(as pointed to by FirearmsTactical.com). Reading the last page alone is troubling: the prosecutors (and the police) have fingered 3 teens including a brother of the victim as murderers. The teens claimed innocence and were forced to make false confessions. The judge set aside two teens "confessions," and only one was left. However, the bombshell that stopped the case was a DNA proof that the victim's blood was found on the homeless person found nearby the victim's house.

What's sad is that the prosecutor did not give up on the "potential" guilt of the teens for some time. The homeless man Tuite got his day in court and got guilty verdict 2004.

What's also sad is that once you are charged, people around treats you as guilty. The Crowe family were turned off by their church, of all the people, because their son was charged. Very sad.