Origin of Truth

In Science, there is a lot of intense debate over Evolution vs I.D. and whatnot. The missing link is the origin of truth. There is, unfortunately, no scientific basis for truth. You can't force truth, since no gun nor any other man made force can guarantee that truth be truth. Sure there are lie detectors but those can only tell if one is aware of untruths or uncertainty, but all bets are off if you seriously believe a lie be it rumors or religion.

So what can be done? Not much other than peer pressure. But it can cut both ways: it can be used to out the untruths but it can also be used to suppress the truth [Korean stem cell lies were kept going for some time -- if no one cracked, who knows how long it would have lasted.] And trying to teach "ethics" without religion is meaningless: unless you have an ultimate Judge and Enforcer who can read human thoughts, no amount of ethical teachings will ensure that truth be the norm.