People vs Government

I've commented at "Sense and Compassion" blog on "Homeschooling is Treason." If you read other entries, you'll note that the blogger is pro-government and anti-freedom. The claim is "the mommy government knows best and the more they control, the better off we the people are." I got tired of trying to respond to the blogger so I've made an entry instead.

Sure there are those who cannot control themselves or lack good training (I'd blame it all on the fathers: monkey see, monkey do and bad children are results of bad fathering), but they are the exceptions and more government control means less freedom for all.

A great example is the truancy law: minors are not allowed to be out and about during public school hours because few bad apples have skipped a few classes (or all day). Rather than encouraging the fathers to reign in their children, the government made laws to restrict all children such that non-public school students lost their freedoms. Home educated children by definition aren't under the public school rules but because of truancy laws, they are readily punished for breaking laws which weren't needed in the first place.

Or gun control: because of few criminal elements, people (women and feminized men probably) voted in laws (or politicians to wrote those laws) to control guns. Unfortunately, it only strengths the bad guys. When I say "bad guys," I don't mean just the "criminals." In my eyes, those who deny basic rights (life and liberty) are the bad guys, even if they are tax supported employees like the police or the military. I believe that the second amendment's sole purpose is to be guarantee that we the people can fight tyranny be it "foreign or domestic." Personal defense and hunting are nice benefits but minor compared to the ability to defend liberty.

Going back to home education, it's about control and it is in everyone's best interest to regain the control of their children's education. Government paid teachers have no incentive to see your children get educated (yes, there are few who do really care but almost all are in it for the money -- cut their salaries in half (or get rid of their retirement package) and see how many are still teaching). Only you, the parent, can ensure your children's education. The more involved you are, the better off they are. If you're going to get involved, at some point, hopefully you'll come to realize that you're better off taking complete control and home educate yourself. You can search my blog for more ideas on why home educating makes sense as well as our past experiences...