Blame the students (really the parents)

The article "For once, blame the student," gets close to the matter of the problem of today's schooling: it's the family, stupid! Monkey see, monkey do. If the parents aren't serious about education then the children won't either. Unless the parents lead (but not necessary cram it down the throat: they can see through your charade), children won't care and won't have the incentive to excel. Parental expection has its place but not so much pressure that they won't have a life.

My parents tried to force me to learn piano but that didn't last. Same with Japanese: I lost it for about 10 years before I relearned it in Japan when was working there from 89-92. Somehow I did learn to enjoy classes [and be a good follower] and did well especially in mathematics. Which is why I ended up being a software engineering employee (not an entrepreneur)....