Garage Sale

We had our very first garage sale this weekend and it was very educational.

Our next door neighbor sold too (actually it was a neighborhood wide one so we all got free advertising), so we interacted with them all morning long. We also tried to sell hot chocolate (1 cup) and cookies (3). It was cold in the early morning but got warmer by the time we gave up shop.

My younger son, the outgoing one, loved the interactions with his friends (and very little with the customers) so he wanted to do it again this weekend. My older son, the introvert, wasn't as enthused about it. We, the parents, are not ready to do it again so we'll wait until just before we move.

We also learned what people want to buy and how little they are willing to pay. If a person has a interest, any price is well worth giving into since it will either go back into storage, donated or thrown away. Unlike auction, however, you have the bidders/buyers coming throughout the morning and they will unlikely come back again (unless they paid for the item, no words of promise can be relied on: one person promised to be right back but never did while another came back about an hour later).

And the advice about keeping people out of your garage is good: anything they can see, they might make a bid on, as one buyer did!