Sunset of American Empire

When I read "The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced" it seems what American Empire is starting her sunset. America is busy fighting several war fronts (Iraq and Afghanistan and maybe Iran next), mortgage mess is turning into recession and probably a depression. And we now have China trying to one up America, militarily.

I like Ron Paul's proposal to bring all military back home (back from Japan, S.Korea, Diego Garcia, Gitmo, to name a few places) so that we can focus on our country and even our military toys, if that is what we want to do as a country.

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Tea Party '07

Here's an invite to join the biggest tea party of 07: TeaParty07 to support Ron Paul.

Seems that Guy Fawkes Day (or Night) was a great success for Ron Paul. Congrats!

BTW, I did learn one history lesson this week, thanks to a friend who pointed out this article "Happy Counterterrorism Day" which explains how US election day was all based on Guy Fawkes Day! Take that, King James! And as much as it has lost its meaning in terms of one vote, one difference, the original intent was to shake up the government on a periodic basis.

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Entrepreneurs without Degrees

"15 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Didn’t Need College" has a nice list of well known names who didn't get their degrees, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Michael Dell as well as those like Mary Kay Ash and Henry Ford.

So, what kind of children are you raising?

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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

Happy Guy Fawkes Night!! It's a day remembered of a failure to overthrow the government. (How different from July 4th, where an out of sight set of colonies started a very successful rebellion.)

Ron Paul's campaign wants it to be a day to kick off Ron Paul Revolution, and turn into something to remember (at least for 2008 US elections) in a very positive way, at least create some record(s) in how much people contribute in one day (online?). You can track a live chart of the donation status. And donate here.

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Housing Crash: Foreclosure increasing

RealityTrac has a great map of USA with where the foreclosures are taking place. Click for it details.

We're just getting started since various ARM resets will take place over the next 4 years, and as these loans resets, people will find that they cannot pay their mortgage. That is, it's one thing to see a rise of few dollars or even $200, but when it resets at 50% or 100% of current payment, then it seems impossible and people have been and will continue to abandon their mortgages. And, if these reset charts are any indicator, things are going to get ugly for the next few years.

Keep in mind that foreclosure process takes months if not years to go through (and doesn't help when politicians put out moratorium to halt foreclosures -- the pain is delayed and made worse in the long run).

Some think that rents will go up with rising foreclosures but that's a mistaken notion. People will return to their parents or double up with their relatives (siblings, children, grandparents, etc.) -- so the demand will decline. The foreclosed homes will eventually turn into rentals. People who cannot sell their homes will turn into rentals. Which means that rental supply will increase (along with lowered demand), and all this will translate into seeing the rents get lower and lower.

The coming recession/depression will not be pretty, in my opinion....

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