Michelle Malkin:

Michelle Malkin used to run a good blog when she had comments open...

Anyway, I disagree with her book on internment and her condoning of racial profiling but still like to check up on her web site.

What's ironic is that her entry today "THE AUNT TOMASINA CARD" has a quote from Coalition for a Fair Judiciary to support Justice Brown:

Justice Brown believed that the actions of the police in this case amounted to racial profiling, and, if allowed to stand, could lead to more instances of discriminatory law enforcement. She wrote: “If we are committed to a rule of law that applies equally to minorities as well as majorities, to the poor as well as the rich, we cannot countenance standards that permit and encourage discriminatory enforcement.”

So, is Malkin for profiling or not? Justice Brown is against profiling. But Malkin supports Justice Brown on one hand while on the other, racial profiling. It's really hard to have it both ways, in my not-so-humble opinion.

[The fact that she's not mentioning the various public school sex expose being covered by various newspapers and discussed at Vox Popoli has made her web site loose a notch or two for me. However, I didn't want to link to her site directly from my link list so I had to have a good excuse for a blog entry which will then point to her real site (grin).]