Cheap and Anonymous Phone

These days, it's possible to get decent prepaid phones. For $100 or so they have internet capable phones. And at places like Walmart you can buy the phone and prepaid minutes completely anonymously by paying cash.

When I first tried to buy one about 3 years ago, they asked me for name and address at a wireless carrier's kiosk in Circuit City. At Walmart, you can buy it like any other goods and activate the phone at home.

We bought phones for our sons and I make sure that they remain anonymous (always paying the minutes with cash -- once they leave home, all bets are off if they have the discipline to be cash only).

The reason I went with prepaid is that it's cheaper than adding extra phone to the family plan: $120 (+ tax) per year vs. $100 per year flat fee. Plus what they use they pay for since $100 doesn't go very far (we require that at least $20 be left in their account so that we can call them at any time).  For $10 per month, they can get unlimited texting to those on the same network. 

We're still learning how the prepaid works since we haven't really played with it until this year (first 2 years, I didn't really do much with it)...

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