What's being taught in schools: Parental Divorce

What has school done for your child today? Seems like they are creating little monsters (much like Nazi youths or Communist young party or Khmer Rouge children) who are divorcing from their parents and becoming "independent" at pre-teenage years: 'Tweens' are fast becoming the new teens.

The fact is that no man is an island and when a person denies God along with parental authority, one's authority reverts to lesser gods like the state (government or "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun") and one's peers (the king of the hill rules). And when peers work together, much like the Animal Farm, you end up with new form of tyranny, usually more cruel than the previous one, as Nazi's, Communists and Khmer Rouge have all shown.

Which is the beauty of homeschooling: the parent retains the authority and can release the child to the next step of giving authority to God. I believe that authority to oneself is meaningless or a quick path to suicide, since one single man is accountable to no one and can only resort to narcissism and nihilism. [What proof do I have? Only on what has happened in the past, both the Bible and the modern history.]

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