A year later: Moving On Update

It's been about one year since we decided to move out of Austin, TX. So today, we are trying to settle down in a city in Southern California [San Bernardino County is as detailed as I'll get on this blog]. I also took up a job as a web programmer and fortunately we were able to find a rental where I can walk to work. We have settled with a local church but I'm not completely satisfied (see my other blog as to why).

I miss all my friends in Austin, of course, but I'm in the process of making new ones both at work and at church. The one new hobby I did pick up was to start boogie boarding with my two sons. We bought 3 sets of wet suits and boogie boards and go out to beach whenever we visit my parents. In fact, just yesterday we went twice: once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. One trick we learned is we have to fight the waves with as empty stomach as possible or else one can swallow too much salt water and get sick quickly [I'm getting better at avoiding wipeouts but I cannot completely prevent water being forced into my stomach]. Also drink plenty of fluids about an hour before you go (it sounds gross but when you're freezing out in the cold Pacific Ocean, it sure feels good to warm up a bit by releasing natural body fluid inside the wet. We've pretty much settled at one beach that's not too far from my parents' with ample free street parking with plenty of wave: when we went boogie boarding one early weekday morning [7:30AM Thursday] and saw dozens of surfers, we knew we were at the right spot!

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