Late Blooming Genius

Key Words in "Keep Plugging Away" points to an article by Wired on two kinds of genius:
  1. the conceptualist who peaks in the twenties [or so] and then declines
  2. the experimentalist who peaks late in life, progressively getting better and better.
For me personally, I guess there is still hope that I am a genius after all: we'll see in 10 or 20 years from now. [ha ha.]

Seriously, most parents think that their child is the next conceptualist genius and/or Nobel prize front runner but in reality, what parents need to do is sit back and teach [and live] the principle of never giving up since some will bloom later rather than sooner, as long as they don't quit. It's easy to point to a young hot shot [and get touted as the next child prodigy] but in this world there are many who were successful late in their life even though they were nobodies early in their years. People like Sam Walton [founded Walmart in his 40's] and Moses [became a prophet at 80] bloomed late. Even Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, kept quiet during His teen years and His twenties [13-29]: He started His mission after turning 30.

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