Pacific Ocean

The last 3 days, we had our last bit of summer here in SoCal, and have been to the beach 3 times to boogie board, my 2 sons and I. We had a blast getting in the cold waters with our wet suits. The past 2 days, we went in the evening when the sun was still out but this morning, we went, for the first time, before 8AM and what a crowd! There were dozens of surfers out in the water and we even saw about a dozen of them coming to their cars in the parking spaces [presumably to go to work before 8]. We did our best to find free parking [and got them this week] but on the other hand, I broke one watch and lost another [they were US$7 Wal-Mart watches so I don't feel too bad].

I only wish I could carry my cell phone in the waters and use it there.

Another tidbit: only in SoCal, can you catch Grunion and we just missed the season [ends in September].

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