Exposing Professors and teachers

"UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors." Sounds good to me. More external expose of any and all teachers and professors is a good thing. "education" shouldn't be a secret just among those who are in the system: everything from popularity to teaching and grading styles to political leanings should all be out in the open, certainly at the college level but should apply to all grade levels from k-12. It'll make evaluating local schools easier including if/when individual transfers of teachers can be tracked. I realize that there are some privacy issues but I would argue that being a teacher makes you more of a public figure than a politicians since you get to interact and mold a student 7x5 per week (spread out over 15-35 students or more) for 40+ weeks [being a teachers makes a person a lot easier to befriend and take advantage of especially the younger children, too].