flamethrowers and other tools

Vox Day posted "Homemade Flameflower" link and it is so slick! You've got to see the video of it in action.

I'm a firm believer in 2nd amendment as a right to keep the govnemnt in check (personal protection and hunting have their place but not as important as keeping the tax collectors on their toes). With that said, I love any and all methods of getting around gun laws yet keeps the power with the "little" people (that's you and me tax paying public). I'm sure if I look hard enough, I would be able to find many other creative anti-state "tools" on the net.

On similar vain, learning survival skills in the wilderness is good, but today it is more important to learn concrete jungle survival skills:
  1. How to blend in the with natives: wear dirty clothings to sit in with the homeless or buy suit and tie and briefcase (at thrift mart) and walk around like a real business man.
  2. How to find food ("The art of picking through thrash bins 101").
  3. Martial arts used whatever implements were available and turning them into weapons like adding chains to small sickle. "Turning common stuff into handy weapons, 101"
The Beltway Shooters of 2002 were classic: they "hid" in their car so well that their car was not suspected for a long time (one lesson is to not use the same MO after few times).

Update March 23, 2006: Apparently flamethrowers are not regulated by the feds -- they are classified as agricultural implements. Unfortunately, PRK regulates them.