Some Home-ed pointers

Some articles pointed out by others (Key-Words and Padki):

"Homeschooling's true colors: investigating the myths—and the facts—about America's fastest-growing educational movement" Jul/Aug 2005, Mothering. A fair article on home education. Nothing too controversial and clears up a lot of myths.

"Wild Child" and "All in the Family" in Oct 2005, Dallas Observer. Both are on unschooling families but neither family's parents seem to have any clear vision for their children (they seem to see themselves filling some sort of supporting roles rather than leading role).

The main problem I see is that both homes are lead by the mothers. Neither father has taken on the responsibility of their children (education, moral training, vision casting). Without the fathers, furture of our children is unclear (largely hit or miss, I believe).

I'll blog more about responsibilities and freedom, regarding education, soon...