Debt: nothing good for you

I saw the link for "Broke for Life (Student Loans)" at a ML and was going to reply but I decided to blog about it. Solomon put it succintly: the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov 22:7b)

The following op-ed I saw in our local paper made me look for web version and they have a PDF:


Take a look at the bar graph. Notice which industry has the highest profit margin? That's right, the "usurers." [Ever notice which business has the most opulent waiting area?]

It's ironic how the metroactive.com article confesses this fact of being a servant (see section titled "The Indentured Student Class"). To quote another phrase from Solomon, there is nothing new under the sun....

Note: we are in the process of becoming debt free by dumping the home/mortgage and moving to a rental home... ...for now :-)... We've been talking and praying about a move out of Texas. What happens after the move, we'll see....