Problem with Public Schools #915

Here's an "incident" in Austin: "AISD Investigating Alleged Exposure By 5th Grader".

So tax money is being spent by the public school (AISD is Austin Independent School District -- that's independent of other gov. to tax you and me) to look into this 5th grader exposing himself.

Not only is having public schools bad in the first place, they are called to "do something about officially" which a little bit of fatherly discipline can't cure. The boy is probably an extrovert and needs attention (the father isn't around maybe?). And since he can't bring knives and guns to school to show off, what *does* he have with any shock value? Boys will be boys and dads are needed to keep them shape. Not super moms and certainly not public "officials." (I guess this later rant really belongs in my men's study blog. (grin))