Public Schools: Get rid of them

Today's Austin American-Statesman has a column by Gelernter originally published in LA Times "A plan for public schools: Get rid of them"

Some juicy quotes:
Global rankings place our seniors 19th among 21 surveyed countries.
What gives public schools the right to exist? After all, they are no part of the nation's constitutional framework.
I don't complete agree with the following but does point out how things have changed over the past few decades:
Public schools used to invite students to take their places in a shared American culture. They didn't allow a left- or right-wing slant, only a pro-American slant: Their mission, after all, was to produce students who were sufficiently proud of this country to take care of it.

I may not agree with all the reasons but we can agree on the following:

Today's public schools have forfeited their right to exist. Let's get rid of them. Let's do it carefully and humanely, but let's do it. Let's offer every child a choice of private schools instead.

Just make sure no more taxes are taken as well!