Public Schools Gone Wild

Lots of news/commentary out on public schools:

"Schools lean on parents to close their budget gaps" SJ Mercury.
"Prop. 13 Is Stealing From Our Children: Why are parents subsidizing the textbooks and drama classes schools should be paying for?" LA Times.
"Give Oakland students a real choice: TRANSFERS: Parents shouldn't have to lie to get a better education for their kids" SF Chronicle.

Funny how public schools' problems are mostly money problems. And they want more of it, of course. As if all those who do not have children in the public schools are even more responsible for those who are in it.

And they get a free press at Parade weekly newspaper magazine: "Good Schools Can Happen." As if attending good schools amounts to the same thing as becoming educated. As Freakonomics points out, it's how the parents live that matters when it comes to children's education.

It's bad enough that I already am forced to pay for these worthless programs. And now the entitlement generation wants me to pay more? No way!

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