Survival of the fittest on the road

"Van crashes during border patrol chase" is about people bring in illegals into the U.S. where the drivers drive crazy: high speed, wrong way with head lights off to avoid the Border Patrol.

My concern isn't for the illegals (the harder it is to come in, the better since I think it's a good idea to welcome hardy, willing to work immigrants, legal or otherwise) or even their smugglers. It's the auto safety issue: you can't control other drivers, no matter how careful you drive. So how do you survive the Road?

I always find DOT's National Center for Statistics and Analysis reports on crash data very fascinating. Bigger isn't always better but bigger is better than smallest. Also, just recently I saw local TV news where a Suburban was upside down after being hit by a small car (I also thought I saw another one where a pickup was upside down but I couldn't find the story -- or the story I remember didn't show an upside down pickup... hmm, maybe my memory is failing me).

Still, pure physics tells me that more space between me and the other vehicle is a good thing and the only thing that can guarantee that space is for me to drive a bigger car. How I drive that bigger vehicle seems to make the difference between an out of control vehicle or not. Like all things in life, practice makes permanent.