Hiroshima 60 years

History has been always been rewritten by victors: Nuking of Japan is one example, as the opinion piece "Myths of Hiroshima" points out.

Funny how growing up in the US (from 2nd grade) I was brainwashed into believing the standard American version of the bombing ("needed to stop the war sooner" "save the American troops"). But my views have changed as I got older, living in Japan for three years and then visiting Hiroshima few times since then. Also, being bilingual English-Japanese, I have access to both sides of the "history:" American and Japanese views. And now more than ever before, alternative views are readily available due to Internet -- some call this revisionism but I welcome them all because they allow ME to choose what's true or not, rather than "trusting" some mouthpiece of the government (or big media).

Today, of course, with internet connected cell phones, visual/audio artifacts are a lot harder to hide. But then, as "War Magicians" proves, illusions can be well used to fake out even experienced "intelligent experts" such that we commoners may not even have a chance, no matter how sophisticated our cameras are....

[Full disclosure: I was born in the city of Hiroshima (20 years after the nuking) and my father (who lived in a different city at the time of the nuking) bears some ugly scars from an American firebombing so my views above may be a little bit biased :-) (minor edit @ 12:54PM)]