Short Yahoo!

I don't normally give investment advice but when I read:
Yahoo plans to announce Thursday that it is recruiting scientists who pioneered an advanced search engine technology at IBM's Silicon Valley research laboratory.

I couldn't keep silent: Hold the press, short Yahoo stock! Have you tried IBM search engine lately? It is so lame that I don't bother using it (haven't for the last few months so things may have improved but then these scientists left IBM long ago). Here's how to (not) use IBM search engine properly in your browser:
  1. Enter: www.google.com
  2. Next type inside the search field site:ibm.com
  3. Don't forget to enter a blank space after .com
  4. Next, type in the search term you're looking for.
  5. Press "Google Search"
Don't bother going to ibm.com -- you'll be wasting your time.

[update 7/29: I hope it was obvious that I was being sarcastic about the stock. However, the search technique is real and will always be an alternative to whatever IBM has or any other search engine which might be available.]