Celebrating Immigrants

As an immigrant turned U.S. citizen, I don't try to overemphasize my heritage either Japanese or even Asian background and others from Asia.

However, today's article on our local paper (published by Washington Post on June 12), called "Importing Ingenuity," rings true for me. I may not be the biggest supporter of U.S., but as a naturalized citizen, America is a country I choose to be ruled under. I became a citizen partly to rebel against my parents and my Japanese heritage, but also partly because I have "bought into" the American Way. What I bought into and what I believe in now are quite different which I'll blog more on, later.

Anyway, I can relate a lot to Hau's story: liking math, becoming an engineer and then working up the ranks. And working on (however indirectly) projects which may (or not) gain visibility.