Homeschooling and Choice

Here's a great editorial on school choice: "Keep the option of single-sex ed." Some quotes:
Students are less concerned with impressing the opposite sex and are free to explore educational interests that they might otherwise ignore in a standard, coed environment.

Critics of single-sex education argue that socializing, especially between genders, should be an integral part of education.

One point in the debate is clear: Single-sex education isn't for everyone – thus the requirement that such programs remain voluntary.

Yet given that single-sex education is probably better for some kids and not for others, it seems that parents, and not the ACLU, are best positioned to make the decision about what learning environment would be best for their children.

Indeed, on several measures, support for greater choice in education is growing. Parents, in large number, are tired of the same one-size-fits-all public education system. They crave more flexibility and control over where, and under what circumstances, their children are taught.

If the recent debate in Kentucky teaches us anything, it isn't that single-sex education is good or bad, but that we desperately need more choice in education.
Replace the "single-sex education" with "home education" and voila, you get the same message: choice (by parents [and students]) is always a good thing.

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