Taking the First Step: Voting for Ron Paul

OK, I've changed my mind: I've reversed and have mailed in my voter registration paper to take part in California Primary as a Republican for Ron Paul. I may even contribute to a politician for the first time ever.

I've voted for Bush in 2000 and became more and more dissatisfied with POTUS and after reading LRC, I've became a non-voter in summer of 2004 (during the primaries -- so I didn't vote for Bush the second round). I also turned anti-government (against any and all government intervention be it war or capital punishment). However, Ron Paul, whatever his chances are, gets my vote for being a libertarian in words and actions. I realize that my vote is only 1 out of millions but still at least I can make a statement of where I stand: for Ron Paul.

P.S. Take at peak at how homeschoolers are voting for the candidates so far at Homeschool World.

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