Parental Rights: medical care by choice

I find it ironic that choice is available to parent(s) before a child is born (to abort him, of course) but when it comes to medical care for the child after birth, very little choice is there. For example, you must vaccinate your child [I was threatened by an intern doctor in ER (in the great state of PRK) to be reported to CPS when I mentioned we choose to not vaccinate our children].

The case of Starchild Abraham Cherrix and his cancer fight is most frustrating. I heard about it on NBC Today's show and they introduced it as if the parents were irresponsible and choosing to let him die with inaction while the State wanted to force him to go through chemo therapy. It turns out they (esp. Abraham, the 16 year old) did the research and choose to go with herbal therapy.

What I also find ironic is that it's OK (by the State) to do experimental "modern medical" procedures [under State control] but alternative medicine "hasn't been proven" so is not State approved and the State can choose to usurp whatever a patient decide, esp. if he happens to be a minor. How convenient: Only what the State controls is what they will approve. All others are wrong choices. Sigh.

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