Gangs in the military: what's the news

I saw Michelle Malkin point to Chicago Sun-Times "Gangs claim their turf in Iraq." She probably never saw the article "How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD By Jan Golab" with a quote like:
[B]ack in 1981[,] the LAPD first entered into a federal consent decree that instituted quotas for female and minority hiring. To meet these demands, the standards for physical capability, intellectual capacity, and personal character were lowered. The result was that many incapable or mediocre recruits -- even significant numbers with criminal links or gang associations -- were accepted into the department.
So gangs are part of the government, like it or not. Why is it a surprise to see them pop up in Iraq? Not only do they get paid by the government, they get trained in both desert and urban warfare and take their skills back home to their 'hood and fight the "powerful" gangs like MS-13 as well as the [gang infested] cops, etc. What a deal!