Naval Gazing and Self-Analysis

I wrote my last post this morning and then when Jonathan replied I was upset and reacted rather than thoughtfully posted. As a result, my track back got erased and probably left bitter feelings. I'm sorry for my hasty response.

Based on his initial comments, I guess Jonathan was offended with my entry usage of "Orwellian" and using the example of eye for an eye vs turning the other cheek. I was more reacting to demonizing and asking for "quote and rebut" so I quickly added the quotes I thought were appropriate but that wasn't what he was looking for.

Lessons learned: Some people are more sensitive to name calling (I, as a sinner, am not exempt). I need to choose my words more carefully. I still think my examples are appropriate but maybe the linkage needs more details (I thought making the leap from point A to point D was obvious but may not always be so clear when people cannot read my lucid mind -- just kidding). Last but not least, use trackbacks more sparingly: some bloggers will be offended.

I guess the inability to communicate irony and sarcasm with on-line text can readily trample people's feelings: but then this isn't the first time I've done it (I've been writing on-line since 1987 back in the days of USENET).

With that said, I'm not sorry for what I've written. I stand by my text. (Or maybe I'm just being stubborn and selfish? -- Naval gazing goes on...(not))